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Introducing… the N.E.W XC Duraflex Airoflow Boots

We’re saying it quietly, but it looks like summer is here to stay?! We hope so! Bring on warm evening hacks, competitions and camps – heaven!

Boots are a hot topic at the moment; choosing ones that fit your horse well and allow the leg to breathe is paramount in protecting your horse’s legs. That’s why, when we created the N.E.W XC Duraflex Airoflow boots, we were mindful about the fabrics used and how best to circulate air around the horse’s leg.

Long time followers of New Equine Wear may remember the original N.E.W XC Airoflow boots; we have continued to use the same high performance mesh outer material that featured in the original boots. We have paired this outer fabric with a pressure relieving, ventilated inner that allows air to pass between both the fabrics.

If you’ve not seen the N.E.W XC Duraflex Airoflow boots before, the outer is made from a strong, flexible woven material. The weave allows ventilation yet retains its structure and strength to create a durable and hardwearing outer that will last and last. We’ve paired this outer with a perforated soft mesh, which also boasts pressure relieving properties to keeps legs comfortable. Together, these fabrics allow heat to escape from the leg, keeping your horse’s legs cool and protected.

These high performance XC boots are fitted with our unique ‘Duraflex’ guard, which is unlike anything else on the market. The Duraflex guard is fitted to the rear of the front boots and to the front of the hind boots. The guard on the front boots provides protection against an active hind leg (particularly useful when you’re galloping and jumping), while the guard on the hind boots absorbs and deflects impact should your horse hit their leg on a jump. The Duraflex guard is completely different from other guards in that it cannot snap or shatter. Should your horse hit the guard, it will simply flex and deflect the impact. It performs superbly against high, sharp impact to protect your horse’s legs. It ensures that the boots have an incredibly long life and keeps your horse’s legs protected.

This summer, enjoy XC practice, eventing, galloping and more with these smart, ventilated boots.

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