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Keep your horse cool and comfortable with the N.E.W Airoflow Dressage Saddlecloth. This saddlecloth is designed to suit straight cut saddles, such as Dressage saddles. It is made with our Airoflow fabric; a pairing of polycotton and mesh to create a hardwearing, breathable saddlecloth. The polycotton outer is soft yet hardwearing. It stands up to regular use and washing, retaining the colour well. The breathable mesh fabric to the inside of the saddlecloth is designed to reduce heat accumulation and allows moisture to escape, keeping your horse cool and comfortable.

The saddlecloth is very slim, allowing a closer feel between horse and rider. It provides protection and comfort under saddle without altering saddle fit.

The N.E.W Airoflow Dressage Saddlecloth is shaped along the spine to improve fit and comfort. This design reduces bulk under saddle and makes the saddlecloth very easy to fit. Elasticated D-ring tabs and secure girth loops ensure the saddlecloth does not move. It is the ideal choice for competition, clinics and training, with a smart look and hardwearing features that you will love.

The saddlecloth also features hardwearing girth guards to provide a layer of protection against abrasion from the girth, a feature that is seen across the N.E.W saddlecloth range. Click here to view the other saddlecloths in our collection.


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