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The N.E.W Quarter Guard is a popular product for use when travelling. The Quarter Guard protects your horse’s hind quarters on the horse trailer or lorry. It is particularly useful for horses who lean or rub against the breech bar, trailer ramp or lorry wall.

The Quarter Guard is made from a strong yet lightweight fabric that provides a layer of protection between your horse and the trailer or lorry. It is shaped to cover the quarters and fits neatly around the dock, with a customised fit achieved thanks to the wide touch-tape strap to the top of the guard. The guard fits to the tail with the elasticated straps, which are designed to fit around a variety of tails, even when bandaged. This allows the guard to move with your horse’s tail and keeps it securely in place.

The N.E.W Quarter Guard is a must-have travel essential for horses who rub or lean when on the trailer or lorry. It is easily fitted and helps your horse to remain comfortable and rub-free when travelling. The guard can easily be washed down to keep it clean.

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