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Keep your horse’s legs protected against wet weather and muddy fields with the N.E.W Turnout Socks. These close fitting mud boots provide a layer of protection against wet weather conditions, keeping the skin dry.

Bacteria thrives in wet weather conditions, and it is this bacteria that causes skin conditions that upset your horse. Any form of cut, which can be caused by factors such as abrasion or cold weather cracking the skin, can allow infection to take hold. By keeping the skin dry, the bacteria responsible for ‘Mud fever’, Dermatophilus congolensis, cannot take hold. The boots are therefore very useful for horses susceptible to moisture-borne conditions, or horses turned out on muddy, wet ground.

The boots have proved very popular thanks to their effective design. The boots fit close to the skin, shaped carefully around the leg to minimise slipping or spinning. These easy-care boots can be hosed off or washed in a domestic washing machine at 30°C.

In keeping with the rest of the N.E.W boot range, the seams are stitched with heavy duty rot-proof thread to ensure that the boots will withstand heavy use. The addition of leather straps makes the boots easy to fit.

These boots can be used on both front and hind legs. Sold in pairs. Supplied with a complimentary Wash Bag. Made in the UK.

Looking for a boot to use in the stable? Check out the N.E.W Stable Boots. These boots also help to dry your horse’s legs after hosing down, further protecting legs against skin conditions.

Measurements: (Please also see pictures)

Small: Length 34cm, Width 25cm.
Medium: Length 37cm, Width 27cm.
Large: Length 40cm, Width 29cm.
X Large: Length 44cm, Width 32cm.


Small, Medium, Large, X Large


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