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The N.E.W Tail Guard & Bag is designed to keep your horse’s tail clean, dry and protected when travelling. This clever design combines a strong, protective tail guard with a water resistant tail bag, ensuring that all your hard work cleaning doesn’t go to waste! The bag is completely removable, allowing for easy washing, fitting and storage.

The tail guard wraps around the dock, securing with a strip of touch-tape that runs the full length of the tail guard. It is simple and easy to fit. The one-strap design is much cleaner than the usual tail bandage, keeping your hands clean and making the process easier – perfect for when you’re in a rush! The bag is secured by touch tape to the main tail guard and features a slit through which to insert the horse’s tail. The base of the bag is secured with magnets, which is easily opened to guide the tail through the bag. It’s easy to keep your horse’s tail clean with this helpful bag!

The N.E.W Tail Guard & Bag can be used with or without the bag. If you are looking for a Tail Guard only, take a look at the N.E.W Tail Guard. This guard provides protection for the dock in the same easy-fit design.


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