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The N.E.W Stable Boots are incredibly versatile boots that will quickly become some of your favourites! The boots boast a durable outer, a strong yet flexible structure and a smart appearance.

The boots are made with the perfect combinations of a cellular, breathable fabric and a low pile, fleece fabric lining. They are soft on the leg and create the ideal wicking environment. The boots are ideal for use on wet legs, after bathing or hosing down, as the fabric actively wicks moisture away from the leg. This drying processes is vital in the fight against moisture borne conditions, such as mud fever. Bacterial thrives in cold, damp environments, and it is this bacteria build up that causes damaging skin conditions. By ensuring the leg is completely dry, bacteria has less chance to take hold.

The N.E.W Stable Boots are not just a drying boot; they are ideal for use in the stable. The boots keep legs warm, clean and dry. They may be helpful for the older horse who may require extra warmth, for wearing in the stable to keep legs clean (particularly useful at shows), and some people have even used them for travelling. They are shaped low over the coronet band for enhanced protection. The boots are also shaped around the pastern and fetlock, and the carefully placed straps aid fit.

These boots can be used on both front and hind legs. Sold in pairs. Supplied with a complimentary Wash Bag. Made in the UK.

Looking for boots to use in the field? Why not take a look at our Turnout Socks! The turnout socks are ideal for keeping mud away from delicate skin.

Measurements: (Please also see pictures)

Small = Length: 39cm, Width: 28cm.
Medium = Length: 40cm, Width: 32cm.
Large = Length: 41cm, Width: 36cm.


Small, Medium, Large


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