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About Us

About Us

Welcome to New Equine Wear

New Equine Wear is dedicated to creating unique, professional performance wear for your horse. We combine innovative materials with knowledge from top level riders, creating high quality, competition-ready equipment that has been designed with your horse’s movement in mind. 

Our boot range has been used for decades in a multitude of disciplines, from racing to eventing to hacking. We launched our updated design in December 2021, which utilises professional, lightweight, breathable and protective materials to provide your horse with the best protective leg wear. 

Across our boot range, you will see a number of fabrics; the Airoflow weave for strength and breathability, the Spacer for pressure relief and ventilation, and Reformed Leather for strength and style. Unlike other boot brands, we avoid the use of Neoprene (with the exception of our Turnout Socks), instead turning to fabrics that are lighter and allow air flow, creating a healthier environment for the horse’s leg. 

Our saddlecloth range is an extension of the boot range in terms of its quality and innovative materials. Our saddlecloths all feature a fine quilt for improved structure and style and our traditional range feature a needlefelt wool inner. The inner provides excellent moisture and climate control, whilst providing pressure distribution for a comfortable fit under saddle. 
Our most recent saddlecloth range, the Airoflow saddlecloths, feature a perforated mesh to reduce weight and to encourage heat to escape, available in the great designs you’ll see in our standard fabric too. These ultra-breathable saddlecloths are perfect for warm days when you’re working hard.
We even offer embroidery on all of our saddlecloths, making them perfect for yards, companies or just for adding your name to your saddlecloth.

We make every product to order in our UK factory, with our skilled machinists taking care to create the highest quality items for your horse.