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The N.E.W XC Airoflow is an innovative new XC boot design from New Equine Wear that promotes function, safety and equine wellbeing above all else.

With extensive research from eventers, designers and everyday riders, the N.E.W XC Airoflow boots have been designed to be flexible, protective and cooling; our unique combination of materials allows air to circulate around the leg and also allows the tendon to flex, whilst remaining protected.

Choose between two guard styles; the new, shatterproof Duraflex® guard cups the tendon on the front legs and the cannon bone on the back leg; it allows movement yet resists impact for incredible protection. The Duraflex® guard flexes under pressure, deflecting impact and providing a long life.

The fixed guard is from our original XC boots and is always a popular choice! It provides protection to the tendon from an active hind leg. A great choice for schooling and competition.

The boots are suitable for cross country, hunter trials and schooling.

Recommended by top riders, these boots are equally suited to rigorous work as they are to daily training. Designed with reformed leather straps for a smart and professional look.

Sold in pairs. Made in the U.K. Supplied with a complimentary Wash Bag.


Width: Measured at the centre of the boot

Length 1: Measured at the back of the front boots and the front of the hind boots.

Length 2: Measured at the longest point (inside of the leg)


Size Width      Length 1  Length 2
Small Front 29cm 19cm 22cm
Medium Front 31cm 21.5cm 24.5cm
Large Front 33.5cm 23.5cm 26.5.5cm
Small Hind 32cm 21cm 28cm
Medium Hind 34cm 22cm 30cm
Large Hind 36cm 23.5cm 32.5cm

Small, Medium, Large


Black, White


Front, Hind, Set (Save 10%)

Guard Type

Fixed (Original Style), Flexible (Duraflex)


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