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'Moulded' Open Tendon Boot

Moulded Tendon (Black) 2010.jpg
White Open Fetlock Boot

'Moulded' Open Tendon Boot
Tough, technical moulded shell. Open fronted design with excellent protection to the vulnerable areas. Perforated, breathable neoprene lining and a hard leather tendon guard for excellent protection. Two double straps give quick, secure fitting. Machine washable at 40°C.
Colours: Black, White
Sizes: Large only

'Moulded' Fetlock Boot

Moulded Fetlock Boot (Black)
Moulded Fetlock (White) 2010.jpg

'Moulded' Fetlock Boot
Tough, technical moulded shell with excellent protection to the vulnerable areas and a perforated, breathable neoprene lining for additional comfort. Double strap gives quick, secure fitting. Machine washable at 40°C.
Colours: Black, White
Sizes Medium, Large

'Fleece' Open Tendon Boot

Open Tendon Fleece 2010.jpg

'Fleece' Open Tendon Boot
Open front show jumping boot offering protection and comfort with splinter proof tendon guard, flexible sesamoid reinforcement,lined with deep, soft fleece to keep out dirt and grit. High dernier Ballistic Nylon outer covering for strength and long life. Recommended for all show jumping training and competition.
Colour : Black
Sizes : Small - Medium - Large

'Fleece' Fetlock Boot

Fetlock Fleece 2010.jpg

'Fleece' Fetlock Boot
Comfortable hind brushing protection, with unique shape and fitting to prevent spinning. Deep, soft, quick drying fleece for maximum comfort. XLF outer covering for easy clean. strength and long life.
Colour : Black
Sizes S, M, L

Open Hind 'Extender'

Open Hind Extender

Open Hind 'Extender' Boot
Noticeably improves the jumping action of a horse by helping to extend the hind quarters. XLF outer covering for easy clean. strength and long life, together with orthopaedic foam lining. Designed with Di Lampard, one of Britain's leading lady show jumpers. Ideal for slightly lazy or stiff horses.
How does it work?...................... This boot is intended to be worn with straps at nornal tnesion during warm-up. Then just before you enter the arena, cinch the straps up really tight. This has the affect of applying gentle pressure to the ligament and nerve running from the hock to the fetlock and has causes the limb to extend. It is a similar effect to a human crossing their legs and tapping their knee, to cause a reflex extension of the leg. It causes no pain for a sound horse, but has a noticeable effect on jumping performance.
Colour : Black
Sizes: Medium, Large

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19/09/2012 17:48

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